The ventilation validation process for new and existing facilities comprises of a series of tests & inspections to assess whether the performance and general condition of the air handling unit & other associated ventilation systems comply with the relevant current guideline documents.

The scope of works undertaken for clients varies dramatically – from the validation of new build clean rooms, testing of chilled water/heating systems to the commissioning of dust extract systems.

Commissioning is necessary to ensure facilities, equipment and systems are installed and function correctly. A documented commissioning approach offers traceable verification and ensures a systematic approach that minimizes commissioning oversights.

Commissioning includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Inspection of the Air handling Unit/ventilation plant serving the ventilation system
  • Inspection of the area served by the relevant ventilation systems
  • Supply and extract volumes system volumes and room air volume measurements
  • Calculated air change rates throughout the relevant areas
  • Room pressure differential/air flow directions
  • Noise Level Readings

We have a wide portfolio of systems including:

Radiant and warm air heating systems
Warehouse and factory heating systems
Educational, office, and specialist building heating systems
Close control/precision systems
Gas, oil or renewable based solutions
Domestic boosted water services

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