Our Commercial heating and domestic services offer a STATE OF THE ART AND HIGHLY EFFICIENT SOLUTION that helps you to reduce the energy consumption within your business.

Nearly everything in the modern built environment relies on a mechanical component of some sort. We appreciate and understand the need for these components to be designed, installed and maintained effectively to guarantee a fully functional business.

At Palings, we have an extensive team of highly qualified and experienced mechanical and electrical engineers. Our engineering teams are trained and primed to provide a wide range of mechanical maintenance and management services.

Our experienced engineers are trained and ready to work on planned preventative maintenance works in line with industry as well as being on call for reactive, emergency repair work available to ensure your business has mechanical maintenance protection any time of day.

We are responsible for the core mechanical infrastructures of many of our clients and we provide a wide range of essential service maintenance from cooling systems to, heating, air conditioning and ventilation system support. Our service is entirely customer focused and dedicated to ensuring your business runs like clockwork.

Our service is more than simple maintenance as it is key to the longevity of your property and your asset management and protection. Our specialist mechanical maintenance services complement our electrical services well and in line of this we also have a dedicated expert Mechanical and Electrical Project Tier within our business structure, which can help with the full design, technical specification and installation of works in this field.

We have a wide portfolio of systems including:

Radiant and warm air heating systems
Warehouse and factory heating systems
Educational, office, and specialist building heating systems
Close control/precision systems
Gas, oil or renewable based solutions
Domestic boosted water services

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