Palings specialise in Industrial and commercial ventilation systems that remove stale air from the within the built environment and replace it with a constant stream of fresh, clean air, providing clients and employees with pleasant indoor working conditions.

Because buildings vary so greatly in age, structure and design complexity there can be no immediate ‘off the cuff’ answer to ventilation problems. To fully understand your needs, we will send an experienced design engineer to survey your building to discuss and establish your precise requirements. We will then design and implement a ventilation system tailored specifically to meet your needs.

We also have a vast amount of experience within the fume extraction industry and as a complete extraction provider for all types of fume extraction applications. We are able to Design, Manufacture, Supply, Install, Service & COSHH Test all types of LEV fume extraction equipment.

We have a wide portfolio of systems including:

Radiant and warm air heating systems
Warehouse and factory heating systems
Educational, office, and specialist building heating systems
Close control/precision systems
Gas, oil or renewable based solutions
Domestic boosted water services

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